Thursday, February 28, 2019


The Southern Utah Fiber Artist met at Ridge Point Clubhouse February 5, 2019 at 6pm.  

In a short business meeting the following was discussed:
Nick and Chase from Dragonfly Dye works will be here April 27 for an all-day class on Soy Wax Batiking and Ice Dying.  You may have seen them at the quilt show with their beautiful inventory of dyed cottons and silks.  The class will be $50 plus supplies.  Please let us know by the next meeting if you want to take the class.  Space is limited and we are already more than half full. 
We also voted yes to use some of our money collected to supplement the class fee.
In March Shirley Smith, the president of Color Country Camera Club, will be here presenting a program on “Perspective”.   She is a very good photographer.  Much of what Shirley does is the same as we do in our landscapes.  She will have lots of examples.  In April our program will be on “Copyright for Artwork”


Ann Nancarrow, Carroll Lee Stoltz, Wanda Bublick, and Rosemary Hargrove presented a program on Felting.  The presentation included Needle Felting by hand and machine as well as Wet Felting in several different ways. The audience was given a chance to try a felting machine.  It was very informative.






Doris Claude - mosaic

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

January 8th 2019 - Meeting Notes - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

January 8, 2019

(Note: I deeply apologize as this month has started off with illnesses and so I hope you will forgive me for the delay in posting this entry! Much love, Alicia)

Meeting was called to order at 6:06 by Rosemary Hargrove.

Old Business:
A Soy Wax Batik and Ice Dyeing class has been set-up for Saturday April 27 for an all-day class.  It will not be more than $50 plus supplies.  The cost will vary with the number that sign up.  Maximum is 20.  The owners of Dragonfly Dyeworks will be teaching. .  We need a commitment by next meeting.

December Challenge:
The Challenge from the December Trunk show was discussed.  The deadline for pieces will be May 7, 2019.

In February the program will be on different types of felting.

How to prepare for a Quilt Show vs Art Show.

Sue Gilgen
Why enter shows?  To learn how your work measures up to other quilters and to get feedback from the judges on ways you can improve.  Quilt show look for craft—stitching, binding etc.
How well do you do what you try to do.  You can use patterns as long as you give credit to the designer.
How do you find out about shows.  Lyric Kinard’s website lists shows by month.  Sue suggests making a   list of all shows you might consider entering and keep track of all the info about the shows.  Sue has suggested a template to help you with this.  Download the template: click here.
When your quilt is finished record all pertinent info, so you will be ready when the time comes to enter.  A quilt is good to enter for about only 3 or 4 years.  Small venues may take older quilts.  Each show has its own rules. Read them.

Good photos are essential.  They will get you into a show or not.

Margaret Abramshe
Why enter an Art Show?  
For the sheer Joy of Creating
To build a body of work.
To help grow the art community.
Keep up with what is trending.

In order to enter exhibitions, you need more than a beautiful quilt hanging on your design wall.  You need a system of keeping track of potential exhibitions.  You will need a high quality photo, an artist statement and the courage to risk rejection.

Margaret talked about the following and has given links that will help you:
SAQA Calls for Entry (listing of art quilt exhibitions for both members and nonmembers)
Sacred Threads (Biennial exhibition near Washington DC)
Art Show (Juried Show in all mediums)
CAFE (searchable database)

How to photograph your quilts:
Shoot that Quilt
Writing an Artist Statement:
Textile Artist


Margaret showing a preview of next meeting.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

A lovely meeting for a year's end.

We had a lovely time at our December 4th, 2018 member meeting. 
We talked about our future class and Rosemary asked us to come next time with a date that would be the best for everyone. We are looking at May or June.
We all enjoyed a great potluck. The tables were decorated so beautiful. Thank you, Janey! And thanks everyone, for all the yummy food!
Lynn Greenleaf showed us her super cute “Dressed-Up” rocks and talked about how she made some of them. Also, we wish you well in your recovery, Lynn! Thank you for coming us and giving us ideas on how to make a one of a kind gift.


We were then pleased to hear from Margaret Abramshe. She brought examples of quilt art from SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) and a handout that had a Critique Activity. We all took some of the samples and as a small group went through the Critique Activity. It was interesting to hear the different opinions and interpretations. What was interesting was reading about why the artist created this work. It put a new perspective on the piece.

It was decided that we our challenge would be to make a “Art Mini Quilt”, such as the ones we critiqued. The mat will be 9x12 so your piece can be smaller than that to fit on the mat. Include an artist statement on the back. We would like to have you complete this by May.



Show and Tell
Shannon had taken a landscape Craftsy class so did a wallhanging. She commented that she doesn’t do cutesy and it was too cutesy but it was beautiful! She also showed a mosaic of Frida Kahlo and needed help on how to finish it. She got a few suggestions. Can’t wait to see it finished!


Cindy Oxley showed us a Mosaic quilt. It is a Cheryl Lynch design.

Lyn Coble also did a Mosaic of a blue turtle. Go Ladies! 

Jane Dallmeyer showed us a Sun wall hanging.

Sylivia Lewis took a Swedish quilt class. It uses walking foot quilting and the “golden Mean” Technique

Janey showed a fun necklace made with different sewing and quilting pieces, Nicki made this for the quilt guild. Nice job Nicki! Then Nicki showed us a fun thread painting wall hanging that she made in Houston at a class. She also showed small gift ideas such as card holders and a bag made out of men’s shirts.  



Melanie Wilson showed some cool gift ideas that she made. She had an i-phone holder and a tissue holder.


Happy Holidays! Have a wonderful holiday season and may you have wonderful new year! We will see you next month!